If you are a house flipper, you may have heard that the most important room in a house is the kitchen. Should this be true, then the bathroom would have to be considered a close second. However, unlike the kitchen, the average home has more than one bathroom. Because of this, it is even more important to take special considerations before you start any bathroom rehab projects.

Create Your Rehab Plan

Before we grab any tools, the first thing we do at Majesty Properties is take the time to assess what needs to be improved or fixed. Then, we create a custom bathroom rehab plan mapping out exactly what we will accomplish.

In fact, you may want to complete this step even before you purchase the property. Renovating bathrooms can be very expensive because this type of room has many fixtures and appliances such as:



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By evaluating the rehab project in advance, you will be able to estimate how much the project will cost and factor this cost into your total investment cost. You may discover that the cost is too much in order for you to make a profit. In this case, it may be best to reconsider purchasing the property.

If the property has already been purchased, you can assess what improvements need to be made by taking on a more hands-on approach. For example, before purchasing any materials, use some elbow grease and remove some of the grime on your own. Some of our customers find that they do not need to purchase as many fixtures as they once thought. This means that it is possible you will not need to buy any new flooring or redo the walls.

Improve Plumbing

Toilets should be as spotless as possible. If a potential buyer sees the slightest amount of grime or dirt anywhere on a toilet, they may be repulsed. Avoid doing anything that will turn them away from looking at the rest of the property.

In most cases, all that is required to make an old toilet look new is an updated toilet seat. A new toilet is a very expensive appliance, but you can purchase a toilet seat for less than half of that cost.

Finally, you can replace dimly lit bathroom lights and replace older fixtures like faucets, towel racks, and shower heads. These smart and simple changes can turn any bathroom rehab project into a profitable renovation that helps to increase your bottom line.

Call us today to get started on your bathroom rehab project, so you can get the ultimate return on your investment!