The housing market is more competitive than ever. Buyers are educated and they know what they are looking for. Sellers are in abundance and need to do everything possible to stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to do this is through a complete house rehab. It may seem like a drastic decision, but it’s a great way to completely redefine a home and bring it into the modern era. It’s particularly beneficial if you are trying to flip a home that is outdated or severely damaged.

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A Unified Design

A lot of times, investors will rehab one or two rooms before putting the house back on the market. This certainly has its advantages. The problem is that it’s much harder to bring the home’s design together completely when you are only renovating a single room. Renovating the entire home will provide you with the ultimate creative freedom and will ensure that all design choices flow well with one another.

Chances are, you’ve seen a home that has a few great rooms and then one or two that just don’t seem to fit in with the rest. That is the result of remodeling on a single room and in a way that doesn’t fit seamlessly with the rest of the home. While it’s true that our rehab experts can remodel a single room to fit with the rest of the home, it is usually more beneficial to consider renovating the entire house at once.

Exterior & Interior Work

A complete home rehab provides you with an opportunity to improve the exterior as well as the interior. Many investors work hard to improve the inside of the home by remodeling bathrooms and kitchens, yet the exterior still looks troubled and outdated. During a complete house renovation, you can improve the exterior alongside the interior so that you have a complete package that’s ready for the market.

It will also offer more creative freedom with the home’s appearance. We can modernize the exterior so that it matches its newly modernized interior. Or we can revitalize the classic appearance of an older home so that it has a traditional feel on the outside and a modern appeal on the inside. In many cases, it comes down to understanding the local market and your target audience.

A Chance for Greater Returns

At the end of the day, you’re flipping homes because you want to make money. A complete home rehab project is the only way to make the home’s value skyrocket. Smaller remodeling projects will certainly increase the return, but when you combine all of those projects into a complete house renovation the return is substantially larger. You can actually redesign the home for a target buyer within a target price range.

An Entirely New House

With our home rehab services, you can turn a fixer-upper into a dream home. We work with the best contractors in the area and guarantee top-tier services on every project that we tackle. If you want to see significant returns on your investment, then we highly recommend considering a full home rehab.